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I did a lot of Role Playing I'm ...sort of sad to admit. Word counts per post were close to 700 or 1000 words and I did some times 5 of those a day. I have one I'm working on right now that I've actually been typing it up for two days and it's around 3000 words already. If I can just make myself do 1000 a day or so that's 7000 a week , 28000 a month and between now and christmas I would be at 84000. Basically done. It would just need edited and sent to a publisher.

Which is why I estimated late 2017-2018 for a publication date. Which would actually be ironic since it would be the ten year anniversary of when some of these characters were "born"/invented.
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I really should update my interests on here. May get some people to follow me, or...just pay attention. I really don't mind, but I would like a little bit of feed back from people on my writing and story telling skills, not just the one friend I have whom I can text at 5 in the morning with a "hey look at this" and a link to a 5 page google doc.

But I'm less of a open/public person and more reserved . This goes into my real/non virtual life as well. In my room with my laptop and dog with a movie or music going while I read a book under the covers is were I am happiest.


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