Sep. 26th, 2016 12:41 pm
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Still not sure if I want to live downtown in one of the apartments there, or go for a house rental that's quieter, and would have a yard for pets. I like dogs, so I may need to go with the house-house rental. But I hate yard work. So unless the land lord has an agreement with somebody to take care of everything I'm not doing it.

But I also have a strict no-smoking thing. So if I go with an apartment I'd need it to be pet friendly, non smoking, and close enough to campus that I feel safe walking to and from classes. It's only a real problem on tuesdays when I'm on campus until 7 because of classes. I'm out in the afternoon every other day.

Not being able to have pets is a deal killer. I'm not signing a lease with a "no animals" on it.
If I do rent a house or town house then a yard that someone else manages, pet friendly, and with a garage. I don't care how big/small it is I'd rather not have a room mate, and I'm used to just having one bedroom+mini fridge so space isn't really a issue. I just don't want to have to use an ice scraper. Done that for years kinda tired of it.


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