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I like some of the higher tech stuff, but ironically hate most mac/apple products, refuse to upgrade to windows 10 because of security risks- and how you can't just create new admin account-delete old one trick that fixes everything that you don't need a good anti virus for.

VR helmets? No . 3D movies make my eyes hurt enough.
holograms? See above.
video cards more powerful than a titan ?Oh god yes I need that for a gaming rig.

This isn't a new problem- technology can (and has) reached a internet intragrated-DMR cesspool level were I just don't get it anymore. It's not nostalgia I DO prefer older computers with windows 7 on them because of software compatibility reasons and the fact that I can still make admin accounts and delete the old ones. My brother got a computer from me a year ago that had windows 10 on it and the Cortana there still calls him my name and he can't figure out how to make a new admin account without loosing all his stuff since it's tied to my microsoft one.

I don't even like my laptop I use for school- it's sturdy and everything but if I ever got a chance to boot camp it again I'd be running windows 7 with 50 or so gb out of 500 set a side for mac processes and programming with the default load on the windows 7 partitian.

if everything was like the and operation systems were better I'd be happier. But I just don't like how connected everything is. My computer should not have my phone number and home address saved to it every time I login. Private infromation should stay private. I don't like these forced upgrades.

with furniture and clothes:
real solid wood stuff,dark fabrics and lace and lots and lots of dead-tree books instead of e-books that the publisher/amazon can revoke any moment because a licease expired. Same reason I have hard copies of most everything digital I own. Because I know how the game works. I buy something then the company goes out of business and the licease is revoked and oh I don't have it anymore.


I bought it; I'm keeping it.


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