Oct. 8th, 2016

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I've had some prophetic dreams before, had another one last night were I was in class and the teacher handed back grades and my reaction was "woo not failing!" because I'd had a c in class.

I checked black board for the first time in a week because I've been too afraid to look at my Spanish grade after failing two tests.

What do I see?


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really? I can get that but I can't get the fucking winning powerball numbers?

Please knowing all 6 of those a head of time will help me more in the long run then seeing what my grades will be a few hours into the future.

With all those "psychics don't win the lottery" things?

Well some times they do, the smart ones just don't tell that they predicted the numbers to keep people from heckling them about it. It's very hard to control.

Most of mine have been "Doing X or Y in a dream " and then it coming true a few years later. Some times up to five. That happened in elementary school- saw a conversation word for word in a high school gymnasium I'd never been in.

Now be about 5 years later-6ish and I'm in that school listening to the exact same conversation I did years ago word for word. I know this isn't false memories because I write these dreams down or type them up when I have them so I don't forget, it's just tricky to tell the See the Future ones from a lucid dream trip.


Oct. 8th, 2016 10:42 am
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I'd like to set one up at some point. Need either a house, or a landlord who allows rats.

My biggest problem however is that the only rat breeder close (within six hours) doesn't breed the variety I like. So I'm a little stumped as to where to go to get my starter rats. I'm thinking one of the privately owned petstores around here (there's three)or browsing the feeder bins at petsmart and petco.


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