Sep. 27th, 2016

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Found a loft bed for up to 300lbs, that's like...2 of me but I'd rather have the safety because I don't know how much my computer set up will weigh. Of course I'm keeping the tower on the floor so it won't count toward the weight limit. I'll probably have my dad set it up. He did some buck beds 16 years ago and they stayed up until a 2 by something support board broke. I've had furniture and toy forts collapse on me before it's no big deal, and since it's a loft if it does collapse it'll be under me. But I'd rather not break my tablet or anything actually important. It's stainless steel so I'm looking forward to getting my paint set and some sealer out and decorating. If I'm not convinced I'm sure I can wrangle some extra supports from somewhere. Only thing else I need is a spinning chair. I'll need some lace bed sheets to really make it work with my style.,%20Inc.&prdNo=25&blockNo=25&blockType=G25

Or I may end up changing my mind and going with something more traditional.

I think a half round table would be a nice surface for a computer station.

What I buy the most will probably be book cases..... I have a lot of books and I want to be able to display some of my stuff like my rock collection.
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other than not knowing if I'll be affording the downpayment+rent later...

is how some people are so just...horrible.

Like I as a member of this gender and sex are not allowed to enjoy jokes and stereotypes about my same gender and sex?
I'm not allowed to find some of this stuff funny when I"M THE DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP TARGETED BY SAID STEREOTYPE?

how is that fair? it's about me, of course I'm going to find it funny. Go away.


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