Sep. 14th, 2016

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I wish someone had told me in school that intrusive thoughts are nothing more than a evolutionary left over like goosebumps. They exist because human ancestors who had them were less likely to jump off of cliffs or go poke a sleeping predator (Cave Bear, Dire wolf, lion, saber tooth tiger) with a stick.

Since those people weren't dying in the modern day equivalent of "Hold My beer" they lived long enough to pass on this trait while people who didn't have them were more likely to end up lunch.

While most people aren't worried about getting eaten by predators anymore this isn't the best trait to still have, but one that does exist simply because of how useful it used to be.
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I really should update my interests on here. May get some people to follow me, or...just pay attention. I really don't mind, but I would like a little bit of feed back from people on my writing and story telling skills, not just the one friend I have whom I can text at 5 in the morning with a "hey look at this" and a link to a 5 page google doc.

But I'm less of a open/public person and more reserved . This goes into my real/non virtual life as well. In my room with my laptop and dog with a movie or music going while I read a book under the covers is were I am happiest.


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