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Dec. 8th, 2016 10:29 pm
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I love how sharing a cute cat picture turned into a lecture about how I'm a bad person because I don't catch feral cats (whom I may add I'm allergic to) and take them down to be fixed out of pocket.



like it's TOTALLY my fault and not the farmers who let the ferals on their land form the colony and aren't too keen on getting them fixed in case they "run out" of barn cats because of the Road, Hawks, Dogs, Raccoons, and other things. Because they're using the cats as cats to keep pests out of cattle feed and different types of corn and soybean.

But no please continue to blame me because I'm not trespassing on these people's land to set live bait traps going "here kitty kitty"

I thought the internet liked cat pictures and videos.
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My brother's cat is definitely pregnant. She's a orange basketball right now . His other cat some how isn't, maybe her deformed skull and mental age of 6 week old kitten mask some other internal deformaties/infertility? I know that half of women with human downs syndrome are infertile.

Or maybe she's drinking out of the aquarium too much.

As to why I didn't get this cat altered:

neither of them belong to me, my brother isn't a child and I'm trying to scrooge together enough to move out with my dog and rabbit. I don't own a cat, these aren't my cats why would I pay for any of the vet care? Neither my circus nor my monkeys. My mother (who owns his cat's mother and the likely father of the litter) can pay for her autistic son's pets.

If one of this cat's kittens are cute enough I may claim it when I move out. I really do like orange ones...


Oct. 10th, 2016 12:51 pm
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I remembered this horse adoptable I bought off of Deviant art. I think it's the...first or smh adoptable I ever purchased.
IDK I just like it

I don't think I purchased anything else, just that one horse adopt that I'm also using as my icon on Origin when I play Simcity.

I don't even play sims on origin (disk sets for the win) Just Simcity 2013 because I like the multiplayer. I have Simcity4 on my laptop too. I just really like these city planning games.


Oct. 8th, 2016 10:42 am
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I'd like to set one up at some point. Need either a house, or a landlord who allows rats.

My biggest problem however is that the only rat breeder close (within six hours) doesn't breed the variety I like. So I'm a little stumped as to where to go to get my starter rats. I'm thinking one of the privately owned petstores around here (there's three)or browsing the feeder bins at petsmart and petco.
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I've had some prophetic dreams before, had another one last night were I was in class and the teacher handed back grades and my reaction was "woo not failing!" because I'd had a c in class.

I checked black board for the first time in a week because I've been too afraid to look at my Spanish grade after failing two tests.

What do I see?


last updated: 12 hours ago

really? I can get that but I can't get the fucking winning powerball numbers?

Please knowing all 6 of those a head of time will help me more in the long run then seeing what my grades will be a few hours into the future.

With all those "psychics don't win the lottery" things?

Well some times they do, the smart ones just don't tell that they predicted the numbers to keep people from heckling them about it. It's very hard to control.

Most of mine have been "Doing X or Y in a dream " and then it coming true a few years later. Some times up to five. That happened in elementary school- saw a conversation word for word in a high school gymnasium I'd never been in.

Now be about 5 years later-6ish and I'm in that school listening to the exact same conversation I did years ago word for word. I know this isn't false memories because I write these dreams down or type them up when I have them so I don't forget, it's just tricky to tell the See the Future ones from a lucid dream trip.


Oct. 7th, 2016 06:37 pm
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Dad is getting his liver tested on monday to see how bad the damage is.
Both of us feel terrible right now I can't even get out of bed to brown hamburger , just standing up makes me too dizzy.

I'm wondering when my brother's cat will give birth. She was last in heat beginning of august-end of July so it should be soon.

Please do not give me any of that "SPAY AND NEUTER" bullshit. This animal does not belong to me and there's no law saying I have to pay for something that isn't mine. Please take it up with the autistic sixteen year ;p. I didn't give him the cat either, it isn't mine and never was, and really I don't even like cats.
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I'm just going to put the dates in as the title if nothing interesting happens...

anyway some asshole guy kicked a dead bird. So I glared at him then picked it up and moved the poor thing out of sight into the flower bed. Kinda hoping it stays there/gets to rest. But I'm 80% certain that the janitor or custodian is going to come along and throw it away.

so I'm tempted to hide it a little more.

I also saw an ad on craigs list for a 20 gallon with a gold fish, 5 male bettas and some neon tetras/glow fish in this aquarium. Holy Shit how are things still alive...
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When you have to tell your teacher that you have a valid medical reason for not going/doing anything after 7 pm even if it is mandatory for the class.

I have medications that were off before then that I cannot take a second dose of . I just don't feel safe being outside of my house/trusted friend/relative's gaze when I could have amnesia/ bad brain fog/disassociate/ memory loss all at once. So I'm not..."skipping" I just can't go to this bullshit.

Gone over a month without revealing that, but here I go needing to.
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Procrastinating doing anything because this medication change is making me as dizzy as I was when I got a concussion five years ago , but I just need to stick it out for another 3 weeks to see if I adjust or not because it is a very pricey script to get refilled and I don't want to "waste" any even if they're making me sick in case I adjust.

Also feeling chipper as usual..


But I did get a commission I paid for completed today. which is nice.

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other than not knowing if I'll be affording the downpayment+rent later...

is how some people are so just...horrible.

Like I as a member of this gender and sex are not allowed to enjoy jokes and stereotypes about my same gender and sex?
I'm not allowed to find some of this stuff funny when I"M THE DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP TARGETED BY SAID STEREOTYPE?

how is that fair? it's about me, of course I'm going to find it funny. Go away.
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Found a loft bed for up to 300lbs, that's like...2 of me but I'd rather have the safety because I don't know how much my computer set up will weigh. Of course I'm keeping the tower on the floor so it won't count toward the weight limit. I'll probably have my dad set it up. He did some buck beds 16 years ago and they stayed up until a 2 by something support board broke. I've had furniture and toy forts collapse on me before it's no big deal, and since it's a loft if it does collapse it'll be under me. But I'd rather not break my tablet or anything actually important. It's stainless steel so I'm looking forward to getting my paint set and some sealer out and decorating. If I'm not convinced I'm sure I can wrangle some extra supports from somewhere. Only thing else I need is a spinning chair. I'll need some lace bed sheets to really make it work with my style.


Or I may end up changing my mind and going with something more traditional.

I think a half round table would be a nice surface for a computer station.

What I buy the most will probably be book cases..... I have a lot of books and I want to be able to display some of my stuff like my rock collection.


Sep. 26th, 2016 12:41 pm
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Still not sure if I want to live downtown in one of the apartments there, or go for a house rental that's quieter, and would have a yard for pets. I like dogs, so I may need to go with the house-house rental. But I hate yard work. So unless the land lord has an agreement with somebody to take care of everything I'm not doing it.

But I also have a strict no-smoking thing. So if I go with an apartment I'd need it to be pet friendly, non smoking, and close enough to campus that I feel safe walking to and from classes. It's only a real problem on tuesdays when I'm on campus until 7 because of classes. I'm out in the afternoon every other day.

Not being able to have pets is a deal killer. I'm not signing a lease with a "no animals" on it.
If I do rent a house or town house then a yard that someone else manages, pet friendly, and with a garage. I don't care how big/small it is I'd rather not have a room mate, and I'm used to just having one bedroom+mini fridge so space isn't really a issue. I just don't want to have to use an ice scraper. Done that for years kinda tired of it.
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I need one that's close to campus, allows pets, and isn't a total slum. The pets thing is important because I may end up with my brother's very pregnant cat. As well as my dog, pet rabbit and my betta fish. Ironically only the rabbit and fish are really mine. The dog I got from my brother when he decided he didn't want one anymore. The cat is my brother's, but no one takes care of her so it falls to me when I don't even own a cat.

And I say that while there's three of them in my bedroom... But really they aren't mine the cats belong to my mom and brothers.

Everything goes well I'm moving out in October. I can't wait
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that if I were rich I would totally open up bedrooms in my fancy house for trans people and trans kids in the foster care system so they'd have somewhere safe and accepting to go home to and only ask that they read over my stuff and make sure it's not accidentally offensive.
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I like some of the higher tech stuff, but ironically hate most mac/apple products, refuse to upgrade to windows 10 because of security risks- and how you can't just create new admin account-delete old one trick that fixes everything that you don't need a good anti virus for.

VR helmets? No . 3D movies make my eyes hurt enough.
holograms? See above.
video cards more powerful than a titan ?Oh god yes I need that for a gaming rig.

This isn't a new problem- technology can (and has) reached a internet intragrated-DMR cesspool level were I just don't get it anymore. It's not nostalgia I DO prefer older computers with windows 7 on them because of software compatibility reasons and the fact that I can still make admin accounts and delete the old ones. My brother got a computer from me a year ago that had windows 10 on it and the Cortana there still calls him my name and he can't figure out how to make a new admin account without loosing all his stuff since it's tied to my microsoft one.

I don't even like my laptop I use for school- it's sturdy and everything but if I ever got a chance to boot camp it again I'd be running windows 7 with 50 or so gb out of 500 set a side for mac processes and programming with the default load on the windows 7 partitian.

if everything was like the gog.com and operation systems were better I'd be happier. But I just don't like how connected everything is. My computer should not have my phone number and home address saved to it every time I login. Private infromation should stay private. I don't like these forced upgrades.

with furniture and clothes:
real solid wood stuff,dark fabrics and lace and lots and lots of dead-tree books instead of e-books that the publisher/amazon can revoke any moment because a licease expired. Same reason I have hard copies of most everything digital I own. Because I know how the game works. I buy something then the company goes out of business and the licease is revoked and oh I don't have it anymore.


I bought it; I'm keeping it.
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I may be worrying about stuff I don't need to, like how this book is going to turn out since some of the characters aren't entirely mine- they belong to a friend. But then I remind myself that several of the dragonlance and dungeons and dragons books have authors using characters that don't belong to them . So it's not exactly a huge no-no in the writing world. Starwars novels do the same thing.

That being said I can't shake the feeling that no one likes me, like at all. That they're just nice to me out of pity. Not that I'd blame them I can be very disagreeable when sick or tired (but isn't everyone?)

I just feel like I'm never going to get this book done, or I am and someone else will call copyright infringement when I made several changes to keep it out of Charlie Bone, The Magicians, and Harry Potter.
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I did a lot of Role Playing I'm ...sort of sad to admit. Word counts per post were close to 700 or 1000 words and I did some times 5 of those a day. I have one I'm working on right now that I've actually been typing it up for two days and it's around 3000 words already. If I can just make myself do 1000 a day or so that's 7000 a week , 28000 a month and between now and christmas I would be at 84000. Basically done. It would just need edited and sent to a publisher.

Which is why I estimated late 2017-2018 for a publication date. Which would actually be ironic since it would be the ten year anniversary of when some of these characters were "born"/invented.
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I taught myself how to talk like GLADos for fun.

I'm serious it's one of the things I'm most proud of for figuring out how to do. What does that say about my life?

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lovely architecture, lax trade laws and no migratoy bird laws so I can actually collect feathers.
political parties change, so I'm not even worried about that. I just want to be legally able to walk through the woods and pick up feathers and bones without worrying. As long as I can idendify them it shouldn't be a issue. Only feathers you can own here are from pet birds/ducks/geese/chickens. But you can't sell them either.

And yet I can harvest wild reptiles for pet ownership in my state without any permits since I am a resident but picking up feathers from my own yard is a no-no?
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